Poem I

! Young Faun, stumbling along

 The winding unseen road,

what unlikely events prolong the grace of a midsummer dawn,

The birds song is sweeter

 breadcrumbs that litter the gutters

  of the gaunt, the hungry crowds.

Ode to my dear son, a sun, its light breaking you,

A wave beats down into you

 shield your torn skin as salty tears fall from it

Fiery shores of the unknown lie ahead of you


     so whispered the silver birch, bed in the dirt

clouds hanging above a dark little island.


Book Review - ‘The Wall’

Book Review - ‘The Wall’

The Wall is a truly wonderful book which looks to engage you in the here and now on issues of nativism, tribalism and what happens when we turn our backs on those most in need of our help.

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How commercial art led me back to Marlboro Golds

How commercial art led me back to Marlboro Golds

A slightly older woman appeared before me, the experience felt semi-spiritual in that she seemed to arrive with no warning, a burning bush that set itself alight in front of my very eyes. She was everything you want a person to be, open, friendly, and she appeared to be genuinely interested in some of the paintings I was showing. This came right in the middle of the evening when the crowd is not sure whether it is coming or going, are they drinking their complimentary free drink or placing it down and agreeing to all leave on mass and drink something proper and abandon the artists as a form of protest?

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