Time has an agenda

Time has an agenda. In the process of writing this, I have had to re-type this piece, the process of re-writing this short piece of writing will ultimately make this a completely different piece of writing. Something will have changed in my head, evolving the idea that first made me want to put it down on paper in case it slipped from my mind forever. Funnily enough, the physical act of losing the original document has forced me to develop my original thought of time having an agenda.



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Time has an agenda. All agendas end with an ultimate goal, a point at which the agenda is no longer relevant. The agendas of people have the ability to be pure of heart or made of ill intention. Time on the other hand is cold, hard and balanced in its balance towards the pure and unyielding nature of itself. The ultimate agenda of time is death.


When faced with this realisation the natural reaction is to think of yourself, the individual. However, due to the times we live in this is not a hard task. We surround ourselves in mirrors which not only reflect back at us, they reflect what we wish to believe is true. Time has no need for such things. It does not care what you think of it, do to stop it or make it progress, Time does not care for itself; Time exists, that is it. When you realise that this force cannot be reasoned with or forced to your will, the individual must discover ways to navigate with it. To try and navigate around time is futile, you will only find yourself staring at a shadow of yourself in the distance running around in circles.


So what can be done about time? The power to move ahead of time lies with the individual. In modern society to confront the overwhelming power of time the individual must focus all of their energy on a few moments in which they can make change. Change can be found not only in the big moments such as social change, civil action or a large paycheck; but in the small moments in which people come together to laugh, talk and love. You can channel these small moments into making yourself a more productive version of yourself. Produce an artwork, write a poem, run through the dunes of a beach or kiss the person you were always too scared to. Life is the way to defeat the agenda of time.


Life is a contradiction to the primal nature of time. Time is a force of unyielding movement and ferocious tenacity. It is slow, but never stops. It cannot be felt and yet it crushes all people below its boot. Life is the only way to combat it. Life is not just a definition, it’s not just a condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, a stop gap in the continual change which is only precedes death. Life fills all the seconds a person takes their first deep breath to their last. Life forces perpetual and unending change and inspires artists and scientists to create, discover and change our perspective of the world around us. Life is the force which carries your name on beyond death in the memories of those who remember your name or have seen your work and improve themselves as a result.


There are moments in my life that when I look back it, I realise that for a few small moments that I stuck a middle finger up to the agenda of time. Moments of pure joy and utter devastation. These are the sort of moments that you remember until the day that time comes to fulfill its agenda. People can share these moments, tell their children of them. Sharing your moments with others allows you to live beyond time. Death is not the end of your life or the moments that your life store, it is merely an excuse for it not to end.


So to try and bring this back to what I love. Time is just a vehicle for what art is. Art is just life poured into an object by someone in defiance of Time’s agenda. Art has the power to change people’s lives by challenging ideas, social injustice, the list goes on. Time is what we all, as individuals, make of it. It is up to each and every one of us to find moments in life in which we can deny time and laugh in the face of the end.