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Alex Turp was born in South Wales and now lives just outside of Oxford. Turp’s work explores and expands upon the visual history of Welsh culture while struggling to create space for future identities to flourish. Turp is a mixed media artist, working with paint, collage, and ceramics.


Even though sculpture, portraiture, or figurative painting seem very different, Turp doesn’t like to think of them as being separate from one another, they each inform the other and come from his exploration of the representation of people and folklore.


Moving from Wales to England is the origin of his most recent works, as well as Turp’s need to resolve what makes up the Welsh identity. Turp is engaged in the struggle to find where this identity comes from, and what is the future of this idea and its people.


Turp graduated from the London College of Communication in 2017 after studying Illustration and Visual Media. Turp has shown in multiple group exhibitions, in 2016 he participated in the Antwerp Art Weekend: Lokaal 01 Antwerp, collaborating with Turner Prize winner Mark Titchner.

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